William H. BOYD, Compiler and Publisher, 229 Broadway, New York.

Alphabetical Listing of Citizens

Unlike telephone books, this directory lists all the adults at a location, as well as occupations. NOTE: most names are listed with the last name first - use that order for your searches.

Abbreviations used in this Directory. st. street; pl. place; ct. court; sq. square; n. near; r. rear; la. land; opp. opposite; c. or cor. corner; h. house; ft. foot.

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Page 1:
Abiel Augustus (Bates & Abel), 197 Thames, h. at Pawtucket
Ackley Julia Mrs. (Cambridge, Mass.) h. 30 Pelham
Adams Mary, teacher High School, h. 133 Thames
Adlam Samuel (Rev.), h. 32 Spring
Ailman Benjamin H. shoe dealer, 112 Thames, h. 31 Spring
Ailman Benjamin H.jr. salesman, 112 Thames, h. 31 Spring
Ailman James H. ship carpenter, h. 37 Bridge
Ailman John C. grocer, 64 Spring, h. 64 spring
Ailman William H. cooper, Stevens whf., h. 17 Division
Ailman William J. H. ship carpenter, h. 12 Poplar
Ailman Ruth, boardinghouse 133 Thomas
Albro Daniel, engineer, h. 5 Fair
Albro David, carpenter, h. 35 Second
Albro Francis, livery stable, 23 Tanner, h. 13 Tanner
Albro George, teamster, h. 4 Cross
Albro James G. boat builder, 92 Long wharf, h. 24 Elm
Albro John, boat builder, h. 3 Cross
Albro Josiah, farmer (Malbone farm), h. 42 Poplar
Albro Mrs. h. 18 Elm
Albro Stephen S. mason and stucco worker, h. 123 Spring
Albro Thomas L. gardener, h. Bellevue road
Albro William, boat builder, h. 12 Chestnut
Page 2:
Alger James, caulker, h. 22 Spring
Alger John, mason, h. South Baptist n. Thames
Alger Nicholas, boat builder, 43 Long wharf, h. 25 Walnut
Alger Nicholas G. ship carpenter, h. 32 Farewell
Alger Samuel W. caulker, h. 3 John
Alger William, boot maker, 6 Farewell, h. 3 Coddington
Allan Andrew, boat builder, 70 Long wharf, h. 21 Sherman
Allan Edward, h. 6 Ann
Allan Edward T. grocer, 5 Long wharf, h. 7 Long wharf
Allan Erastus Pl, (C. T. Hazard & Co.) 63 and 65 Thames, h. 8 Duke
Allan Frederick A. capenter, h. 28 Washington
Allan Hannah, widow of Eleazar, h. 8 Division
Allan Horace, mason, h. 21 Sherman
Allan John, grocer, 18 and 20 Spring, h. 18 Spring
Allan John J. grocer, 72 Long wharf, h. 21 Sherman
Allan William, grocer, 9 Spring, h. 11 Spring
Allan William L. butcher, thames, h. 311 Thames
Allan William S. N. clerk, 12 Washington sq., h. -- Duke
Allen Abby M. dressmaker, h. 8 Duke
Allen Benjamin, h. Warner n. Spruce
Allen Catherine V. widow of Andrew V. h. 75 Spring
Allen Hannah M. widow of Eratus P. h. 8 Duke
Allen John, painter, h. 14 Pope
Allen John M. teamster, h. 13 Pope
Allen Mary, widow of Thomas, h. 16 Pelham
Allen Mary, widow of William, h. 22 Third
Allen Nancy, widow of Joseph, h. 99 Spring
Allen Nathaniel Benjamin, pilot Steamer Perry, h. 5 Greene
Allen Philip jr. (Prov.) Bellevue House
Allen Thomas G. city express, h. 16 Howard
Almy Abby B. widow of Gideon, h. 46 Farewell
Almy Abby M. widow of John, h. 28 Thames
Almo Benjamin, carpenter, h. 12 Mann av.
Almy Charles, ship carpenter, h. 11 Bridge
Almy Charlotte, widow of Jacob, h. 51 Touro
Almy Elizabeth, widow of George J. h. 42 Bridge
Almy George C. clerk, Commercial wharf, h. 46 Farewell
Almy Jonathan T. grocer, 59 Thames, h. 35 Thames
Almy Martha B. widow of Abram, h. 22 Second
Ambrose Israel M. mariner, h. 35 Broad
Page 3:
Ambrose Theodore, boards 19 Second
Ames Joseph (portrait painter, Boston), h. Moss Bank Cottage, Washington cor. Elm
Amos James Mrs. h. 12 Cannon
Anderson, Daniel, cordage manufacturer, Finch & Engs’ wharf, h. 20 Thames
Anderson Gorton, hair dresser, 103 Thames, h. 35 Prospect Hill
Anderson Robert, grocer, 356 Thames, h. 356 Thames
Anderson William F. hair dresser, -- Thames, h. 4 Division
Angell Charles, carpenter, h. 161 Spring
Angell Charles B. clerk, 131 Thames, h. Brindley n. Bellevue House
Angell George, teamster, h. 3 Green
Anthony Benjamin, laborer, h. Bath road
Anthony Charles W. (N. B. Anthony & Sons), Langley’s wharf, h. Waites wharf
Anthony Gideon (Chase & Anthony), 35 Touro, h. Ayrault
Anthony Henry, grocer, Spring cor. Prospect Hill
Anthony Jacob G. (N. B. Anthony & Sons), Langley’s wharf, h. 14 Young
Anthony Joseph, farmer, h. 5 Meeting
Anthony Joseph R. teamster, h. Green lane
Anthony Martha J. tailoress, h. 27 Poplar
Anthony Mary, boardinghouse, 42 Church
Anthony Nicholas B. carpenter, h. South Baptist n. Thames
Anthony Nicholas B. & Sons, fish dealers, Langley’s wharf, h. South Baptist n. Thames
Anthony Sarah, widow of Gideon, h. rear 77 Thames
Anthony Sarah J. widow of Nicholas B. dressmaker, h. 4 Third
Appleton William jr. h. 8 Bull
Aquidneck Bank, Express building, Thames cor. Green
Arendt Edward, upholsterer, h. 31 Bridge
Armstrong George, h. Bellevue road
Armstrong George A. farmer, h. Bellevue road
Armstrong Joseph, carpenter, h. Milburn ct. r. 282 Thames
Armstrong Philip, spinner, h. Extension n. Thames
Page 4:
Armstrong Thomas, spinner, h. Milburn ct. r. 282 Thames
Armstrong William, cabinet maker, h. 23 Church
Ash Henry, hackman, h. 86 Broad
Ash James, express driver, h. 6 Spring
Ash James E. carman, express building, h. 6 Spring
Ash Thomas, mariner, h. 26 Prospect hill
Ash Thomas E. jr. printer, h. Coddington n. Farewell
Asher James, grocer, 266 Thames, h. 266 Thames
Ashton Sarah, widow of Morris, h. 319 Thames
Atherton William C. carpenter, h. 56 Spring
Atkins Elisha, Custom House, h. 264 Thames
Atkinson Charles, printer, h. 16 Church
Atkinson James, editor and proprieter, Newport Advertiser, 102 Thames, h. ct. r. 100 Thames
Atkinson James, printer, h. 10 Prospect Hill
Atkinson Sarah, h. 16 Church
Auchincloss John, com. merchant, New York, h. 14 Washington
Austin Daniel, carpenter, Prospect Hill n. Touro, h. 28 John
Austin Eliza, widow of Edward, h. 12 Ann
Austin James A. blacksmith, 8 Commercial wharf, h. 5 Coddington
Austin William M. painter, h. 12 Ann
Aylsworth Joseph P. carpenter, h. Warner n. Farewell
Aylesward Thomas, mason, h. Pope n. Anthony

Babcock Asa, gardener, h. 5 Caleb Earl
Babcock Benjamin F. clerk, h. 5 Pelham
Babcock Emily, widow of Job, h. 16 Farewell
Babcock Francis E. dressmaker, h. 16 Farewell
Babcock Henry, gardener, h. Brindley n. Kay
Babcock Isaac, farmer, h. Spruce n. Tanner
Babcock Isaacc E. gardener, h. 5 School
Babcock, Joseph B. watchman, h. 6 Fir
Babcock Simeon, Vernandah House, 5 and 7 Pelham
Babcock Stanton, overseer, h. Dearborn cor. Thames
Bacheler William, farmer, h. 17 Third
Bacheller William S. farmer, h. 26 Willow
Bachman Renatus, confectioner (New York), h. Spring cor. Dennison
Bailey Hannah, widow of Johathan, h. 20 Walnut
Page 5:
Bailey Samuel C. (Perry Manufacturing Co.) 235 Thames, h. 26 John
Bailey William H. boots and shoes, 90 Thames
Baker Margaret, variety store, 6 Bannister’s wharf
Baker Martin N. spinner, h. 9 Howard
Baker William, gas man, h. 69 Spring
Bancroft George, h. Bellevue road
Bank of Rhode Island, 219 Thames
Bannister Charles, mariner, h. 19 Tanner
Bannister Luch, washerwoman, h. 19 Tanner
Barber Charles P. grocer, 4 and 6 Market sq. h. 10 Mill
Barber Henry, printer, h. 6 Duke
Barber John, tailor, 58 Thames
Barber Mary, h. 6 Duke
Barber Mary, widow of Varnum, h. 28 Washington
Barber Samuel H. overseer, h. 323 Thames
Barber William A. bookseller, 108 Thames
Barker Alfred (W. F. & A.Barker), 155 Thames, h. 3 Duke
Barker Arnold M. butcher, h. Broad op. Bliss’s road
Barker Charles, farmer, h. 10 Mt. Vernon
Barker Charles jr. sail maker, h. 10 Mt. Vernon
Barker Darius E. stair builder, 13 Mann av.
Barker David H. sporting warehouse, 120 Thames, h. 202 Thames
Barker Edward, express man, h. 30 Willow
Barker Frances R. widow of Alexander, h. 19 Second
Barker George C. (Lewis & Barker), 109 Thames, h. Liberty sq. cor. Meeting
Barker Gideon, stone mason, h. 22 Spring
Barker Henry, grocer, 17 Second
Barker James Mrs. widow, h. 50 Broad
Barker John B. boat builder, h. 40 Elm
Barker John H. mariner, h. Pope n. Anthony
Barker John L. carpenter, Langley’s wharf, h. 8 Cannon
Barker Joseph O. laborer, h. r. Green lane n. Tanner
Barker Nathan, carpenter, h. 30 Mann av.
Barker Noah, blacksmith, h. 9 Thames
Barker Paul M. butcher, Broad, op. Bliss’s road
Barker Robert S. grocer, 163 Thames, h. 51 Spring
Barker Ruth, widow of Christopher, h. 26 Thames
Barker Sarah, tailoress, h. 10 Elm
Page 6:
Barker Sarah R. widow of Samuel, h. 51 Spring
Barker William H. collector of taxes, and manufacturer of indelible marking ink, h. 28 Thames
Barker William H. mason, h. Extension n. Thames
Barker William F. (W. F. & A. Barker), 155 Thames, h. 157 Thames
Barker W. F. & A. house furnishing goods, 155 & 159 Thames
Barlow Frederick A. (J. B. Langley & Co.) 122 Thames, h. 10 Cannon
Barlow Frederick N. boat builder, 62 Long wharf, h. 44 Washington
Barlow George, coachman, h. 10 Walnut
Barlow George, stableman, bds. 12 Chestnut
Barlow George G. hostler, h. 36 Tanner
Barlow John N. painter, h. 20 Division
Barlow Joseph L. clerk, h. 7 Long wharf
Barlow Lewis, boat builder, Marsh cor. Second, h. 45 Bridge
Barlow Lewis, fisherman, h. 24 Farewell
Barlow Lucy, widow Oliver C. h. 36 Tanner
Barlow Moses, boat builder, 78 Long wharf, h. 5 Third
Barnes Matilda, widow of Burrill, h. 1 Washington sq.
Barney Julia, widow of Giles, h. 28 Marborough
Barney Maria, h. 189 Thames
Barnum Charles S shipping intelligence office, 1 Ferry wharf, h. 165 Thames
Barry Mrs. h. Holland n. Thames
Barton Rosanna, widow of William, toys, h. 50 Spring
Bateman Benjamin (Sisson & Bateman), 147 Thames, h. 16 Pelham
Bateman Benjamin P. butcher, Pelham cor. Spring, h. 16 Pelham
Bateman Joseph, boardinghouse, 7 Kay
Bateman Luther, farmer, h. 158 Spring
Bates George (Bates & Abel), 197 Thames, h. at Pawtucket
Bates James, carpenter, h. 8 Franklin
Bates John, blacksmith, h. 74 Spring
Bates William B. carpenter, h. 18 Tanner
Bates & Abel, billiard saloon, 197 Thames
Page 7:
Battene John, mariner, h. 14 Marlborough
Baxter William, seaman, h. 11 Third
Bayard Richard H. (Phila.) h. Clarke’s cottage, Bath road
Beattie Ann R. widow John. h. 38 Broad
Beattie John (J. & W. Beattie), stonecutter, 25 Long wharf, h. 22 Broad
Beattie William, Upper Canada, h. 63 Washington
Beattie William (J. & W. Beattie), stonecutter, 25 Long wharf, h. 146 Thames
Beattie J. & W. stone cutters, 25 Long wharf
Bech Edward, Danish Consul at N. Y. h. 34 Mann av.
Beck Henry, Aquidneck House
Beck Henry P. h. Kay n. Bull
Beck Charles F. (Phila.) h. 26 Pelham
Beede Elias D. com.merchant, -- Thames, h. 58 Broad
Bell John, cook, h. 41 Broad
Belt John F. cook 10 Market sq.
Bennett Benjamin P. (Langley & Bennett), 10 Franklin, h. -- Clarke
Benson Ann F. --- h. 15 Third
Benson Mary Jane, teacher primary col’d school, Spring, h. 15 Third
Benson Patrick, mason h. r. 5 Spruce
Bentley Elizabeth M. h. 40 Church
Berkeley Institute, 10 Washington sq. A. Dalton and W. C. Leveritt, principals classical and commercial school
Berry Robert P. dentis, h. 1 Mary
Bess Lucinda, h. 8 Spruce ct
Bierd --, gardener, h. head of Long la.
Biggarton Robert, weaver, h. r. 309 Thames
Birckhead James, h. 7 Mary
Birkenshaw George, spinner, h. Holland n. Thames
Bliss John J. tin plate worker, h. 5 Duke
Bliss Josiah S. express driver, Express Building, h. 5 Green
Bliss William H. coppersmith, gas fixture and house furnishing goods, 117 Thames, h. 117 Thames
Bliven Benjamin, boatman, h. 6 Prospect Hill
Bliven Christopher, carpenter, h. 86 Broad
Bliven Eliza J. h. 10 Young
Bliven Joanna E. nurse, 6 Prospect Hill
Bliven Luke jr. carpenter, h. 283 Thames
Page 8:
Bluck Mary, widow of Richard, boardinghouse Bath road
Blygh James W. boarding h. 42 Levine
Boardman Miss M. (Phila.) Bellevue House
Bohanna Patrick, h. 36 Long wharf
Boon Sarah, widow Daniel, h. r. 40 Church
Boone Maria, widow of James, boardinghouse Bath road
Booth Frederick, eating saloon, 164 Thames, h. 4 John
Booth Frederick Mrs. h. 27 Church
Booth James C. 180 Thames, h. Church c. Spring
Boss Benjamin F. teamster, h. 68 Washington
Boss Christopher P. carpenter, h. 30 Prospect Hill
Boss Isaac S. (Boss & Davis), 205 Thames, h. 20 Thames
Boss Joseph, teamster, h. 68 Washington
Boss Nicholas S. mariner, h. 38 Bridge
Boss Thomas L. mariner, h. 108 Spring
Boss William, gas man, h. 293 Thames
Boss & Davis, bakers and confectioners, 205 Thames
Bosworth Smith (G. Lawton & Co.), h. 46 Broad
Bottenhein Bernard (mer. N. Y.) h. 32 Mann av.
Bourne Ezra (Boston), h. Greenough pl.
Bowen George & Co., ship chandlers, coal and com. merchants, -- Stevens wharf, h. 17 Pelham
Bowen Stephen Mrs. h. 92 Spring
Bowler Charles, mariner, h. 6 Spring
Bowman John, spinner, h. r. 309 Thames
Boyd William A. G. mariner, h. 49 Spring
Boyd Wm. H. Directory Publisher, h. Williamsburgh, N. Y.
Boyle Martin, coachman, h. head of Pope
Boyle Patrick, carpenter, h. head of Pope
Bradbury Emanuel, cotton spinner, h. 38 Poplar
Bradford Augustus, clerk, Langley’s wharf, h. r. Thames
Bradford Joseph (Oman & Bradford), Langley’s wharf, h. r. Thames
Bradford Seth C. carpenter, h. r. 78 Thames
Brady Catherine, widow of Lawrence, boardinghouse 16 Banister’s wharf
Brainard Barnard, gardener, h. 282 Thames
Brainerd Joshua, ship joiner, h. 4 Second
Braman David, h. 10 Thames
Page 9:
Braman Elizabeth, h. 6 Thames
Braman John C. farmer, h. Farewell cor Walnut
Braman Mary P. wid of Gardner, h. 6 Thames
Braman Solomon, blacksmith, Farewell cor. Meeting, h. 12 Poplar
Braman Wiliam P. farmer, h. 38 Poplar
Branch John, gas fitter, 117 Thames, h. --
Brayman James E. mariner, h. 44 Poplar
Brayman William O. gardener, h. 13 Cross
Breese Elizabeth, h. 17 Fair
Breese Francis M. clerk Newport Bank, h. 238 Thames
Breese Lucy, widow of Thomas, h. 238 Thames
Breese William G. (N. Y.) h. Spring cor. Lee av.
Brennan Edward, blacksmith, 5 Spring, h. 3 Callender av.
Brennan Mary, widow of Patrick, h. 21 Levin
Brewer Darius R. (Rev.) h. 9 School
Brewerton G. Douglas, h. 12 Ann
Brightman Decatur, h. Spring n. Tanner
Brightman Henry A. mariner, h. 5 Central ct.
Brightman Hugh T. mason, h. 11 Cross
Briggs Bowen, mariner, h. 301 Thames
Briggs Charles, mariner, h. 301 Thames
Briggs Sarah, widow of Ebenezer, h. 63 Washington
Briggs Walter W. Clarendon House, South Touro, n. Bath road
Briggs William, captain, h. 11 Chestnut
Bringley Edward L. (auctioneer Phila.) h. 64 Bridge
Bringley Mary, widow of Thomas, h. 6 Washington sq.
Brooks Charles T. (Rev.) h. 64 Broad
Brooks George F. mariner, h. 4 Stevens
Brooks John, spinner, h. 293 Thames
Brooks John, laborer, h. r. Lee av. n. Thames
Brooks Matthew, laborer, h. r. Lee av. n. Thames
Brooks Ormando N. (Rev.) h. 230 Thames
Brooks Sidney, h. Soouth Touro n. Ocean House
Brophy John, mason, h. 12 Mill
Brophy Joseph, mason, h. 12 Mill
Brophy Michael, carpenter, h. 12 Mill
Brophy James, stone cutter, h. 12 Mill
Brown Abraham, h. 10 Dennison
Brown Ann, h. 10 Cannon
Page 10:
Brown Daniel, Custom House officer and boardinghouse r. 207 Thames
Brown David, clerk, h. -- Frank
Brown James, painter, h. r. 207 Thames
Brown James B. clerk, 117 Thames, h. -- Friend n. Thames
Brown Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 10 Willow
Brown John, boot maker, h. 124 Thames
Brown John A. (Phila.) h. South Touro
Brown Joseph, grocer, 270 Thames, h. 270 Thames
Brown Julia, widow of Charles S. h. 3 Caleb Earl
Brown Maria L. widow of Avery N. h. 10 Dennison
Brown Mrs. widow, h. Cotton ct. r. 126 Thames
Brown Perry, h. on the hill n. Atlantic House
Brown William, confectionery, 30 Levin, h. 38 Levin
Brownell Charles, stone cutter, h. 23 Third
Brownell Thomas, Lieut. U. S. N. h. 23 Washington
Brownell William, tin plate and sheet iron worker and house furnishing goods, 195 Thames, h. 18 Thames
Brwoing William, billiard saloon, 3 Bannister’s wharf, h. 12 Pelham
Bruen Mary Ann Mrs. h. Bellevue road
Brundage Henry J. h. South Baptist n. Thames
Bryce Thomas, baker, h. 65 Spring
Bryer Andrew J. clerk, 15 Broad, h. -- Mann av.
Bryer Peleg, grocer, 24 Broad, h. 21 Bull
Bryer Peleg jr. (W. & P. Bryer) 15 Broad, h. 23 Bull
Bryer Stafford, (Cottrell & Bryer), 37 Church, h. 3 Mount Vernon
Bryer William (W. & P. Bryer), 15 Broad, h. 6 Mann av.
Bryer W. & P. grocers, 15 Broad, h. 6 Mann av.
Buckley John (New York), h. Ocean House
Budlong Charles, carpenter, h. 4 Fair
Bull Henry (Peckham & Bull), Peckham & Bull’s wharf, h. 21 Broad
Bull John, Treasurer Newport Gas Ligh Co. 127 Thames, h. 14 Bull bet. Central and Mount Bernon ct
Burdick Arnold L. painter, h. 6 Howard
Burdick Charles C. patent medicine, 5 Cannon
Page 11:
Burdick Charles H. (Cranston & Brudick), Lee’s wharf, h. 5 Cannon
Burdick Clark, captain, h. 89 Bridge
Burdick Clark, h. 288 Thames
Burdick Clark H. bootmaker, 275 Thames, h. 277 Thames
Burdick Fanny, widow of James, h. 5 Mann av.
Burdick George, mariner, h. 2 Bridge
Burdick Henry P. carpenter, h. 5 Young
Burdick Isaac, grocer, Mill, h. 7 Division
Burdick Martha, h. 16 Thames
Burdick Sarah, h. 10 Mill
Burdick Thomas S. (Burdick & Stevens), Farewell cor. Marborough, h. Coddington n. Farewell
Burdick Truman J. blacksmith, Bannister’s wharf, h. 46 Touro
Burdick & Stevens, carriage builders, Farewell cor. Marborough
Burgess John H. farmer, h. 24 Third
Burkenshaw John, carpenter, h. -- Holland
Burkenshaw Jonathan, h. 25 Bannister’s wharf
Burkinshaw James, grocer, 282 Thames, h. 282 Thames
Burkinshaw Thomas, grocer, 27 Bannister’s wharf, h. 27 Bannister’s wharf
Burnett Garwood, tin plate worker, h. 10 Bridge
Burns John D. emigration office, -- Touro, h. 5 Levin
Burns Mary Mrs. h. Bellevue road
Burr William A. livery stable, h. Spring and Dennison
Burroughs George, carpenter, h. 3 Bull
Burroughs Green, whitwasher, h. 24 Division
Burroughs John, carpenter, Sherman’ wharf, h. -- Bull
Burroughs Thankful, widow of John, h. 15 Division
Burroughs Sarah, employment store, 92 thames, h. -- Division cor. Mary
Burton Benjamin, carman, h. 35 Levin
Burton Elisha, h. Park House
Bush Abby M. widow of George H. h. 60 Broad
Bush Augustus, h. 20 Broad
Page 12:
Bush John T. woolpuller, 12 Tanner, h. 24 Mann av.
Butler Charles, ship carpenter, h. 11 Poplar
Butler Henry, mainer, h. 38 Farewell
Butler John, laborer, h. 10 Howard
Butler John jr. stone cutter, h. 10 Howard
Butler Michael, gardener, h. 9 Perry
Butler Samuel w. Physcian, h. 26 Pelham
Butler Sarah L. dressmaker, Downing’s row, South Touro, h. William cor. Thomas
Butterfield William, Lieut. U. S. N. h. 42 Church
Byrnes John, quarryman h. Lee av. bet. Spring and Thames
Byrne John D. confectionery, south Touro, h. 5 Levin

Cadwallader George, h. end of Bellevue
Cahoone Sarag, h. Mill n. Corne
Cain John, laborer, h. 21 Bannister’s wharf
Caleb Lewis, laborer, h. 50 Long wharf
Caleps Lewis, waiter, h. 28 Poplar
Callahan Michael, laborer, h. Peckham & Bull’s wharf
Call William, carpenter, h. 11 Howard
Callahan Sarah E. widow of Wm. D tailoress, opposite Equality park, head of Broad
Callender Elizabeh, widow of Thoms, h. South Touro
Calvin James, sales stable, Prison st
Campbell Thomas, teamster, h. r. 15 Spruce
Cannon Le Grand B. (Troy, N. Y.) h. Coggeshall av.
Cantine Jane M. widow of James, h. 3 Callender av.
Card John C. carpenter, 44 Touro, h. 44 Touro
Card Joseph, mason, h. 233 Thames
Card Uriah, mariner, h. 165 Thames
Card William, h. 25 Division
Carlile Robert, teamster, h. 12 Mill
Carnes Frederick J. (N. Y.) Bellevue Hotel
Carpenter Abby M. 205 Thames, h. 16 John
Carpenter William G. policeman, h. 16 John
Carr Benjamin S. carpenter, h. 38 Bridge
Carr Benjamin U. h. 32 Prospect Hill
Carr Benjamin U. jr. h. 32 Prospect Hill
Carr C. Arnold, boat builder, Long wharf, h. 57 Washington
Page 13:
Carr Caleb A. boat builder, h. 59 Washington
Carr Dolly T. school, Third n. Willow, h. 29 Third
Carr Edward J. grocer, 14 Ferry wharf, h. Mill n. Spring
Carr Eliza, h. 12 Touro
Carr Jethro C. (Thos. B. Carr & Co.), blacksmiths, 75 Washington and 5 Commercial wharf, h. 31 Second
Carr John, mason, h r. 5 Spruce
Carr John, painter, h. 8 Willow
Carr John C. carpenter, h. 42 Touro
Carr John M. captain of the watch, h. 12 Farewell
Carr John S. mariner, h. 5 Pope
Carr Lucina, widow of Francis, boardinghouse Tammany Hill
Carr Margaret, widow of George Washington, h. 29 Third
Carr Robert R. boardinghouse 191 Thames
Carr Samuel, grocer, 5 Ferry wharf, h. 40 Spring
Carr Samuel, pringer, h. 7 Bridge
Carr Samuel R. merchant (Georgetown, S. C.), h. 312 Thames
Carr Thomas B. & Co. blacksmiths, 75 Washington and Commercial wharf, h. 42 John
Carr Thomas T. grocer, 46 Bridge, h. 42 Bridge
Carr Violetta, h. 5 Caleb Earl
Carrigan Richard C. mariner, h. 6 Prospect Hill
Carroll John, cabinet maker, h. 7 Howard
Caroll Patrick, laborer, h. r. Lee av. n. Thames
Carvill J. M. (New York), h. Atlantic House
Case Perry G. carpenter, h. Ayrault n. Kay
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, h. r. Lee av. n. Thames
Casttoff Hariet, h. 12 Ann
Casttoff Henry, h. 13 Divison
Casttoff John, h. 10 Ann
Casttoff Mary Ann, boardinghouse 12 Ann
Caswell Benjamin S. boat builder, 27 Long wharf, h. --
Caswell John R. clerk, 137 Thames, h. Liberty sq.
Caswell Lewis B. boat builder, 66 Long wharf, h. 12 Washington
Caswell Lewis b. boat builder, h. 10 Washington
Caswell Phillip, ferrymaster, h. 20 Marlborough
Page 14:
Caswell Philip, painter, h. Third cor. Walnut
Caswell Philip, jr. (Hazzard & Caswell), 12 Washington sq. h. Liberty Park
Caswell Rebecca, widow of Joseph, h. 3 Ferry wharf
Caswell William, farmer, h. Third cor. Chestnut
Cazenove Sarah Mrs. (Boston), h. 44 Church
Chadwick Henry G. (New York), h. Atlantic House
Chafee Nathan M. plumber, 210 Thames, h. 51 Prospect Hill
Chafee Otis, h. 8 Prospect Hill
Chaloner Francis, laborer, h. 14 Levin
Chamberlain Alfred, gardener, h. Bath road
Chambers John, carpenter, h. 9 Farewell
Chambers Samuel, rigger, h. 8 Brewer
Chambers Sarah, widow of Thomas, h. 9 Farewell
Champlin David C. fisherman, h. 61 Washington
Champlin Mosss T. boardinghouse, 30 Levin
Champlin Thomas D. job work, h. 61 Washington
Champlin William B. fisherman, h. 61 Washington
Chapman Rebecca, h. 42 Spring
Chappell Elizabeth, widow of john, h. 4 Perry
Chappel James H. harness maker, Farewell cor. Marlborough, h. 74 Broad
Chappell Sally, widow of Benjamin, h. 60 Washington
Chappell William E. ship carpenter, h. r. 203 Thames
Chappell William R. carriage trimmer, h. 62 Broad
Chapters George S. bootmaker, h. 113 Thames
Chase Betsy, h. 13 Ann
Chase Caleb, com. merchant (Boston), h. Kay n. Ayrault
Chase George G. farmer, h. upper end Main road
Chase Gilbert, mariner, h. 22 Marlbourough
Chase Jesse, ship master, h. 3 Clarke
Chase Mary E. h. Farewell cor. Marlborough
Chase Seth W. mason, h. r. 63 Broad
Chase Stephen (Chase & Anthony), 35 Touro, h. 33 Spring
Chase Stephen B. (G. Bowen & Co.), Steven’s wharf, h. 31 Spring
Chase William H. clerk, h. 47 Prospect Hill
Chase William H. laborer, h. 5 Spruce
Chase & Anthony, grocers, 35 Touro
Chauncey Henry jr. merchant (N. Y.) h. 43 Touro
Cheney Lorin B. shoemaker, h. 4 John
Page 15:
Chetwond John (N. Y.) h. Fillmore House
Church Addison H. carpenter, 10 Farewell, h. 14 Mann av.
Church Mary, washerwoman, Spruce cor. Spruce ct.
Church Robert, farmer, h. 37 Long wharf
Church Thomas, waiter, h. Spruce cor. Spruce ct.
Churchman C. W. (Phila.) Bellevue House
Clark Aaron (N. Y.), h. Fillmore House
Clark Cornelius, gardener, h. 8 Charles
Clark Hannah, widow, of Joseh, washerwoman, h. 55 Tanner
Clark James H. carder, h. 4 Perry
Clark Jerediah, boarding h. 269 Thames
Clark John, carpenter, h. 17 Touro
Clark Octavia L. widow of William, h. 7 Chestnut
Clark Otis P. G. carriage builder, h. 125 Spring
Clark Phoebe, h. 70 Washington
Clark Sarah B. nurse, h. 51 Church
Clark Thomas, weaver, h. r. Thames n. Lee av.
Clarke Charles C. carpenter, h. 30 Division
Clarke George, h. Fountain cor. Anthony
Clarke Harriet Miss, h. 14 Mill
Clarke Henry S. late mariner, h. 123 Spring
Clarke Henry W. teacher, h. 91 Spring
Clarke James, tin plate worker, h. 16 Levin
Clarke James, watchman, h. r. Beach n. Cottage
Clarke James S. tinplate worker, h. William
Clarke John, boot maker, Downing’s block, South Touro, h. New York
Clarke John, carpenter, 2 Division, h. 17 Touro
Clarke Jonathan, farmer, h. 12 Perry
Clarke J. Perry, clerk, 74 Thames, h. Perry n. Bowery
Clarke Peleg, President Boank of R. I. h. 3 Redwood
Clarke Peleg C. ship carpenter, h. 15 Farewell
Clarke Sarah M. widow of David W. h. 91 Spring
Clarke William A. Cashier of Bank of R. I. h. 14 Mill
Clarke William P. clerk, 128 thames, h. r. Cottage n. Mill
Clason A. W. (New York), h. 33 John
Page 16:
Cleary John, laborer, h. 4 Steven’s wharf
Cleary John, laborer, h. 21 Pope
Cleary Michael, laborer, h. 21 Pope
Clegg John H. dyer, 25 Tanner, h. 25 Tanner
Cleveland Sarah P. Mrs. h. Bellevue road
Coan John A. printer, h. 76 Long wharf
Cobb Josiah C. carpenter, h. 277 Thames
Cobleigh Ephraim, mariner, h. Warner cor. Spruce
Coddington Charles B. teacher of music, h. 19 Church
Coddinton John Mrs. widow, h. 19 Church
Coddington Manufacturing Co. 211 Thames, E. W. Lawton President, D. G. Cook, Agent and Treasurer
Coddington William J. clerk, 74 Thames, h. 19 Church
Coe Adam S. h. 118 Thames
Coe Misses, boarding school, h. 118 Thames
Coe Susan, widow of Lawrence, h. Marlborough
Coggeshall Aaron S. butcher, 144 Thames, h. head of Broad
Coggeshall David M. (Coggeshall & Pratt), 125 Thames, h. Ayrault n. Broad
Coggeshall John (T. & J. Coggshall), 12 Commercial wharf, h. Mount Vernon
Coggeshall Mary A. h. 17 Mill
Coggeshall Oliver H. P. mason, h. Ayrault n. Broad
Coggeshall Russell, attorney, h. 12 Pelham
Coggshall Thomas (T. & J. Coggeshall), 12 Commercial wharf, h. upper end Broad
Coggeshall Timothy, cashier Aquidneck Bank, h. Mount Vernon
Coggeshall T. & J. ship chandlers and com. merchants, 12 Commercial wharf
Coggeshall & Pratt, proprieteors and publishers of the Newport Mercury, 123 Thames
Coit Benjamin W. Street Commissioner, 46 thames, h. 1 State House sq.
Coit Joseph M. carpenter, h. 2 Mann av.
Cole George W. h. 11 Bull
Collins Charles, laborer, h. Bellevue alley
Collins Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, hl 11 Howard
Collins Stacey B. (New York), h 33 Washington
Page 17:
Comerford Matther. tailor, h. r. Bath road
Comstock George, fisherman, h. 33 Second
Conboy George, h. 7 Perry
Congdon Christopher T. carpenter, h. Bath road
Coughlan John, laborer, h. r. Lee av. n. Thames
Congdon William P. merchant (South Carolina), h. 65 Broad
Conly John, grocer and boatman, 7 Bannister’s wharf
Conly Michael, carder, h. 327 Thames
Conninton Thomas, laborer, h. 6 Brewer
Connolly Daniel, laborer, h. 8 Ann
Connolly James, laborer, h. 19 Bannister’s wharf
Connolly Patrick, laborer, h. Lee av. n. Thames
Conroy Patrick M. grocer, 103 Spring, h. 7 Howard
Considine John, laborer, h. Holland n. Thames
Cook Allen, teacher, h. 9 Spring
Cook Daniel, carpenter, h. 177 Thames
Cook David G. agent Coddington Manufacturing Co., 211 Thames
Cook Elizabeth T. h. 15 Touro
Cook George I. h. 211 Thames
Cook Henry H. bounty land pension agent and real estate broker 211 Thames
Cook Mary, teacher, 76 Broad, h. 42 Farewell
Cook Samuel, carpenter, h. 42 Farewell
Cook Sarah D. widow of Job, h. 36 Levin
Cooney Martin, laborer, h. 6 Brewer
Coper Thomas, spinner, h. r. 309 Thames
Cope Marmaduke C. h. Washington cor. Poplar
Copeland Augustus B. proprietor of United States Hotel, 184 Thames
Copeland George H. clerk Post Office, h. United States Hotel
Corcoran Dennis, laborer, h. 5 Market sq.
Cornell A. F. gardener, h. Dearborn n. Thames
Cornell Abby, widow of Job, h. Sherman’s wharf
Cornell Benjamin, paper hanger, h. 33 thames
Cornell Elizabeth, widow of John, h. Marsh n. Washington
Cornell George, painter, h. 11 Walnut
Cornell George, ship carpenter, h. 30 Elm
Page 18:
Cornell George T. mariner, h. 70 Washington
Cornell James D. mariner, h. 31 Elm
Cornell John D. ship carpenter, h. 4 Second
Cornell William (Cornell & Dennis), h. 3 Spring
Cornell & Dennis, grocers, 22 Broad
Cory Amy, widow of Phineas, tailoress, h. 3 Charles
Cory Andrew J. mariner, h. 46 Farewell
Cory Nathan, cooper, h. 1 Allan’s ct.
Cory Nathan, h. 9 Tanner.
Cory Thomas J. mariner, h. 12 Charles
Cory William, butcher, h. Allan’s ct.
Costello James, stone cutter, h. 5 Charles
Coster George W. (New York), h. Ocean House
Cotton Charles, physician, 162 Thames, h. Cotton ct. r. 124 Thames
Cotton Emily, teacher, h. Cotton ct. r. 124 Thames
Cotton Samuel S. painter, h. 10 Willow
Cottrell Albert, carpenter and builder, h. 8 Prospect Hill
Cottrell James, laborer, h. 13 Levin
Cottrell John, mason, h. 306 Thames
Cottrell Joseph S. (Silas H. Cottrell & Co.), 253 Thames, h. 94 Spring
Cottrell Michael (Cottrell & Bryer), 37 Church, h. 13 John
Cottrell Silas H. & Co. ship builders, spar makers and marine railways, 253 Thames, h. 255 Thames
Cottrell & Bryer, furniture, 37 Church
Covell William K. h. 38 Farewell
Cox Aaron, butcher, h. Broad n. Bliss road
Cox Catherine, widow of Frederick, h. 154 Thames
Cox Charlotte, widow of George, dress-making, h. 36 Spring
Cox Mary, widow of Edward, h. 6 Kay
Cox Nathaniel,laborer, h. 40 Tanner
Cozzens Benjamin, h. 10 Prospect Hill
Cozzens Charles, city sergeant, h. 10 Prospect Hill
Cozzens George (W. C. Cozzens & Co.), 72 Thames, h. 12 Touro
Cozzens James G. clerk, R. I. Union Bank, h. 29 thames
Cozzens John H. ready made clothing, 152 Thames, h. 213 Thames
Page 19:
Cozzens Sarah F. Mrs. h. 47 Thames
Cozzens William, C. & Co. dry goods, 72 Thames, h. 29 Thames
Crabb George, h. 6 Pope
Crandall Beriah, carpenter, Washington opp. Marsh, h. 57 Washington
Crandall G. F. (Wm. E. & G. F. Crandall), ship builder, 65 Washington, h. Second
Crandall James, fisherman, h. Frank
Crandall Park R. ship carpenter, h. Third cor. Walnut
Crandall Rovert, stone cutter, h. Bath road
Crandall William E. (Wm. E. & G. F. Crandall), ship builder, 65 Washington, h. 71 Washington
Crandall William H. h. 20 Second
Crandall Wm. I. & G. F. ship building and marine railways, 65 and 67 Washington
Cranston Henry Y. & Son, attorneys, 17 Washington sq. h. 18 Washinton sq.
Cranston John L. grocer, 175 Thames, h. 177 Thames
Cranston Robert B. h. 12 Franklin
Cranston William H. (H. Y. Cranston & Son), attorney, 17 Washington sq., and (Cranston & Norman),
    printer and editior Daily News, 144 Thames, h. 18 Washington sq.
Cranston William S. carpenter, Young, h. 149 Spring
Cranston William S. jr. (Cranston & Burdick), Lee’s wharf. h. 149 Spring
Cranston & Burdick, carpenters and builders, Lee’s wharf
Cranston & Norman, printers and publishers Newport Daily News and Herarld of the Times, 144 Thames
Cremins John, laborer, h. 12 Bannister’s wharf
Creswell William, carpenter, h. 3 Howard n.Thames
Crook Catherine, h. Sping n. Fair
Crook Joanna, widow of William, h. Spring n. Fair
Crooke William, clerk Traders’ Bank, h. 111 Spring
Crooks Samuel, butcher, h. r. 116 Thames
Crosby Nancy, widow of Morris, house work, h. 8 Long wharf
Page 20:
Crowell William, fisherman, h. 7 Walnut
Crowley Timothy, laborer, h. 10 Ferry wharf
Crumbie George, spinner, h. r. Thames n. Lee av.
Cummings George, carpenter, h. Spring cor. Prospect Hill
Curley John, h. Coggeshall av.
Curran Daniel, laborer, h. 8 Charles
Curtis Daniel, overseer, h. 313 thames
Curtis George W. clerk, woo len mill, h. 6 Howard
Curtis James W. (Curtis & Holland), Williams’ wharf, h. 6 Howard
Curtis & Holland, wooollen manufacturers, Williams’ wharf
Cutter Thomas, city crier, h. 26 Prospect Hill
Cutter William, painter, h. 13 Fair

Dalton Asa (Dalton & Leverett), Berkeley Institute, 12 Washington sq., h. 10 Washington sq.
Dalton George, colorer, h. 297 Thames
Dalton & Leverett (A. Dalton & W. C. Leverett), Berkeley Institute, 10 Washington sq.
Daly Maria, widow of Michael, h. Frank
Dame Elma M. teacher, 18 Marlborough, h. 42 Broad
Dame Jonathan, h. 42 Broad
Dame William, civil engineer and surveyor, h. 42 Broad
Dants William, tin plate worker, h. Spring cor. Mill
Darg John . h. Prospect Hill
Davenport Charles E. mason, h. 21 Walnut
Davenport James C. grocer, 101 Spring, h. 25 Levin
Davis Billings B. (Higgins & Davis) 1 Tanner, h. 148 Thames
Davis Charles, physician, h. Kay cor. Bull
Davis Charles B. carpenter, h. Dearborn n. Thames
Davis Galen, cabinet maker, h. 148 Thames
Davis John W. clerk Sup. Court, h. 148 Thames
Davis Samuel, bricklayer, h. 6 Bannister’s wharf
Davis Simeon (Boss & Davis), 205 Thames, h. William cor. Thomas
Davis Solomon W. stucco finisher, h. 148 Thames
Davis William H. teamster, h. Bath road
Page 21:
Dawley Oliver P. mason, h. 4 Third
Dawley Perry, carpenter, h. 30 Division
Dawley Sarah Ann, widow of george, h. 10 Howard
Dawley Susan B. widow of Benj. R. h. 35 Broad
Dawley Theodore B. hairdresser, 173 Thames, h. 10 Broad
Deady John, laborer, h. r. 3 Wilmington av.
Dean William, livery stable, 40 Levin, h. 69 Spring
DeBlois Gilbert, grocer, South Touro n. Atlantic House
DeBlois Henry D. cigar manufacturer, 1 Concert Hall, h. Prospect Hill
DeBlois Jane, h. 127 Sping
DeBlois Silas, h. 7 Charles
Debois Eunice, washerwoman, h. 53 Tanner
Debois John J. paper carrier, h. 53 Tanner
Decker John Mrs. h. 22 Bridge
De Forest William W. (New York), h. south Touro n. Ocean House
De Jongh Amelia, widow of William F. h. 55 South
Demarest Rebecca, widow of John, h. 20 Walnut
Deming Henry, butcher, h. r. 161 Thames
Denacouer Francis, famer, h. 1 Wilmington av.
Denham Daniel C. grocer, 32 Thames, h. Thames cor. Bridge
Denham Sarah L. widow of Daniel C. h. 21 Thames
Dennis Hannah, widow of Peter, h. 8 Willow
Dennis John, mariner, h. 8 Willow
Dennis John D. (Cornell & Dennis), 22 Broad, h. 22 Malborough
Dennis K. T. fancy goods, 9 Washington sq.
Dennis Robert, h. 30 Thames
Dennis William E. crokery, 10 Washington sq. h. 10 Washington sq.
Denniston George, grocer, 26 Bannister’s wharf, h. 26 Bannister’s wharf
Denton Mrs. (Geneva, N. Y.) Bellevue House
DeRham Charles (New York), h. south Touro
DeRahm Henry C. (New York), h. South Touro
Devens Charles, Pres. R. I. Union Bank, h. 9 Mary
Devine Patrick, painter, h. 235 Thames
Page 22:
Dewey Oliver, cigarmaker, h. Green la.
Dewick Joseph, fisherman, h. r. 15 Spruce
Dexter Lucretia B. widow of Samuel, boardinghouse 3 Fair
Dickey --- Judge (Chicago, Ill.) h. 44 Church
Dickinson --, h. Bellevue
Dillon Danie, laborer, h. 8 Church
Dodge Edmund, farmer, h. 15 Bridge
Doherty Catharine B. widow of James, h. Spring n. Pope
Doherty Michael A. clerk, 197 Thames, h. 97 Spring
Donovan Timothy, h. Holland n. thames
Doubet Alixe, zephyr wools, South touro opp. Atlantic House
Douglas Phebe, h. r. 40 Church
Dow William N. carpenter, h. 21 Marlborough
Dowley Levi A. (N. Y.), h. Fillmore House
Dowley Whitman, farmer, h. 22 Mill
Dowling James, carpenter, h. r. 3 Perry
Dowling Benjamin F. carpenter, h. 3 Covell
Downing George T. of 3 Broad st. New York, proprietor of Sea-Girt House,
Downing’s block south Touro st. near old stone mill lot, addommodation for gentlemen boarders. Dinners and game
   suppers supplied in private parlors, cofectioery, together with French and other made dishes, sent to families. Picnics
   supplied with every necessary. Music, &c. supplied to cottages, h. at Providence
Dowsey Jacob, waiter, h. 7 Caleb Earl
Dring Abby, h. 15 Levin
Dring Philip, teamster, h. 25 Pelham
Driscoll David, laborer, h. 38 Long wharf
Drummond Anna M. widow of Andrew, washerwoman, h. Bath road
Drummond Jennet, h. 83 Thames
Dubs Charles T. harnessmaker, 20 Touro, h. 24 Spring
Duffy William, grainer & imitator of marble, &c. h. 7 Howard
Duller Alfred A. stuccoworker, h. Dearborn n. Thames
Dumont A. Henry (Rev.) D. D. h. 14 Mill
Dunbar Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, confectionery, 12 Spring, h. 14 Spring
Dunham Anne, widow of Robert, h. 20 Bridge
Page 23:
Dunham Lucy, h. 34 Spring
Dunmore Thomas, livery stable, Brindley n. Kay
Dunn James, laborer, h. Green la.
Dunn Theophilus C. physician, 216 Thames, h. 218 Thames
Dunn William, engineer, h. r. 115 Thames
Dunnigan Patrick, laborer, h. 1 Bowery ct.
Dunphy Thomas, carpenter, h. 327 Thames
Dunwell George, fisherman, h. 9 Cannon
Dunwell George, fisherman, h. 51 Washington
Durfee Raymond, h. 5 Second
Durfee William H. paper hanger, h. 10 Cannon
Dwight Jonathan (Boston), h. 5 Kay
Dyre Thomas, ship joiner, h. 5 Poplar

Eastburn Manton (Rev.), Boston, h. 44 Church
Easton Benjamin, carpenter, h. 63 Broad
Easton Charles, stairbuilder, h. 158 Spring
Easton Edward, grocer, 805 Thames, h. 16 Pope
Easton Elizabeth, h. 36 Touro
Easton Henrietta N. widow of James, boardinghouse, 30 Touro
Easton James C. bootmaker, h. 39 Tanner
Edgar George, rigger, h. 14 Charles
Eddy Jesse, overseer, h. 5 Fair
Eddy Joseph S. carpenter, 2 Church
Eddy Michael, carpenter, h. 9 Charles
Edwards John, weaver, h. 10 Dennison
Egan Edward, laborer, h. 59 Tanner
Eldred John, flour and grain, Peckham and Bull’s wharf, h. 9 Church
Eldred Job S. boatbuilder, 84 Long wharf, h. 61 Bridge
Eldred Nancy, h. Frank
Eldredge William, gardener, h. 34 Division
Eldredge William, mason, h. Ayroult n. Broad
Eldredge William O. mariner, h. 6 Second
Elias Jonas, fancy goods, h. DeBlois block
Elias Louisa, dressmaker, DeBlois block
Ellery George W. dep. col. custom house, h. 3 Thames
Elliott James, baker, h. 13 Young
Elsbree James, fisherman, h. South Baptist n. Thames
Page 24:
Employment Store, Miss Burroughs, agent, 92 Thames
Engs Joh S. clerk, 131 Thames, h. Kay n. Touro
Engs Samuel (Finch & Engs), 131 Thames, h. 5 Kay
Enuis Eliza A. widow of William, h. 6 Pelham
Ennis James, teamster, h. Ayrault n. Kay
Erving Thomas, hackdriver, h. Park pl.
Esleeck James K. carriage painter, 18 Farewell, h. Ayrault n. Broad
Essex James J. agent, h. 1 Dennison
Eustice Mrs. Gen. h. 21 Kay
Ewing Robert (Phila.), Bellevue House

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