Newport, Rhode Island 1863 Directory - Page 2

All pages, including advertisements, are number. However, the first page of the directory begins on page 71 and the last ad in the beginning is on page 36. The binding is tight with no missing pages, so I guess fewer ads were sold than anticipated. Widows are stated as such with the name of the deceased husband. If people who were listed last year have moved, the location (city and state or country) is given.

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Directory of Newport Residents
Page 109 [108: advertisement]
Ackers to Albro
Page 110
Albro to Allan
Page 111
Allan to Anderson
Page 112
Anderson to Asher
Page 113
Ashton to Bacheller
Page 114
Bacheller to Barker
Page 115
Page 116
Barlow to Bateman
Page 117
Bateman to Berry
Page 118
Bickerton to Boardley
Page 119
Bohanna to Boyle
Page 120
Boyle to Bronson
Page 121
Brooks to Brown
Page 122
Brown to Bull
Page 123
Bull to Burns
Page 124
Burns to Calvert
Page 125
Campbell to Carr
Page 126
Carr to Caswell
Page 127
Caswell to Chase
Page 128
Chase to Clark
Page 129
Clark to Cobb
Page 130
Cobleigh to Coles
Page 131
Colfax to Cook
Page 132
Cook to Cotton
Page 133
Cottrell to Cozzens
Page 134
Cozzens to Crow
Page 135
Crowell to Davis
Page 136
Davis to DeBlois
Page 137
DeBlois to Derby
Page 138
Derham to Dring
Page 139
Dring to Easterbrooks
Page 140
Easton to Eldridge
Page 141
Elias to Farrent
Page 142
Fassett to Fitzpatrick
Page 143
Fitzpatrick to Francis
Page 144
Francis to Fyffe
Page 145
Gagen to Gavett
Page 146
Gavett to Gilroy
Page 147
Gilroy to Gleason
Page 148
Glynn to Goodwin
Page 149
Gordon to Green
Page 150
Green to Gyles
Page 151
Hadfield to Hammett
Page 152
Hammett to Hannili
Page 153
Page 154
Hart to Hazard
Page 155
Hazard to Helans
Page 156
Helme to Hines
Page 157
Hinks to Horswell
Page 158
Horton to Hudson
Page 159
Hudson to Irish
Page 160
Irish to Johnson
Page 161
Johnson to Kane
Page 162
Karney to Kerby

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