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From the
1889 Journal of the American Medical Association
Advertising pages (numbered independently from the text)
Eisner & Mendelson Co. Carlsbad Mineral Water. Johann Hoff's Malt Extract. Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery. Sharp & Dohme pills. S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co. Electrical Specialties. John Carle & Sons Imperial Granum - the Great Medicinal Food.
Announcements to AMA by Parke, Davis & Co. Manufacturing Pharmacists Parke, Davis Digestive Ferments Parke, Davis Cascara Sagrada; Glycerin Suppositories Parke, Davis Gelatin Products
Substitution by Druggists of Medicines Prescribed, from the Virginia Medical Monthly Dr. Laville's Liqueur. Aubergier's Syrup of Lactucarium. Tamar Indien Grillon Liebig "Company's" Extract of Meat. Medico-Chirugical College of Philadelphia. Southern Medical College, National Medical College, Tulate University Medical College of Physicians and Surgeons, Maryland. University of Michigan. Dartmouth. Medical School and Hospital of Chicago. University of Georgetown.
Chicago Medical College. Boston Journal of Health. Principles and Practices of Medicine. Women's Medical College of the N. Y. Infirmary. Columbus Medical College. Kentucky School of Medicine. St. Louis Medical College. Table of Contents. Executive Committee. Physicians', Dentist's & Druggists' Insurance Association. McIntosh Battery. Dr. McIntosh Uterine Supporter Co. Peacock's Bromides Nerve Sedative. Fairchild Bros. & Foster - Fairchild's Pepsin

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