Newport, Rhode Island, 1893 Directory

NOTE: These scans are provided by me, Susan White Pieroth, for your personal genealogy and history research. You may not copy them to another website (links are fine) or publish them in a book or on a CD for distribution of any kind. If you think I might make an exception, please contact me. I do not sell prints, images on a CD or provide any specific image without the identification "stamps." Text and images copyrighted 2015 by Susan Carter White Pieroth.

The images can be viewed in three sizes, either individually or as a slide show. They have been divided into two sections to make the thumbnail page more manageable. Use the Index images below to find specific sections, other than the general directory listings.

Part One of the Directory contains the front and back cover to page 226 - the end of the General Residential Listings. Pages 13 to 32 do not exist. The images you save will have the correct numbers, not the number at the top of each image page

Part Two of the Directory: From the Business Directory on page 229, to the Government listings on 291 and then the Summer Residence on page
367. There are no pages 331 to 366. They are not missing, they were never there.

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