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Newport Girl
Newport, RI - Page 1
Many of the images for Newport are not from postcards, but view books and photos.
See this portion of a 1918 Newport Map to help locate sites.

Left and right: two views of Castle Hill Light early in the 1900's. It is still there. For more information see this site.

Left: Newport Harbor, Gull Rock Light.

Right: Gould Island Light.

Left: Ida Lewis Light House, named for the lighthouse keeper shown with her dog on the right. It was previously known as Lime Rock Rock Light. For more information, see this site. For scans of the feature article in the 1869 issue of Harper's Weekly, see this site.

Left and right the Newport Breakwater Light (also known as Goat Island Light and Harbor Light) off the torpedo station, from opposite sides. The one on the right was postmarked 1910. Only the lighthouse remains today. For more information, see this site.

Left: the front of a old photo of the Goat Island Light that would have been taken before the lighthouse keeper's home was built in 1864. Click here for the old inscription on the back.

Right: the lighthouse full circle after the lighthouse keepers home was removed.

Newport Torpedo boat at Torpedo StationLeft: U. S. Torpedo Station and Goat Island from an early view book.
On the back is written "Sept. 14, 1912." In 1965 someone added "Torpedo Station (Goat Island) in background. Looking west, Newport Harbor, R. I." The ship is a torpedo boat, the forerunner of destroyers. For an enlargement of the boat and buildings, click here.

Left: Life Saving Station, Price's Neck.
Halidon Avenue with a view of Ida Lewis Light House in the distance.

Left: Steamer Puritan leaving Fall River, and the Fall River Line dock in Newport. On another site I have the scans of the 1907 publication, "80 Photographic Views of Fall River Line".
Right: The Fall River Line Steamer Priscilla.

Newport Harbor "Newport, R. I. Looking Across the Harbor" Mailed in 1906. The left shows "Old Colony Repair Shops." The middle "Lime Rock Light (Ida Lewis)." The right, the town and docks. Right: a view of the water front. Click here for an enlargement of the shore.

Jamestown Ferry entering Newport harbor 1908 Newport Yacht Club and Jamestown Ferry, 1910"Jamestown Ferry Boat Entering Newport Harbor." Mailed in 1908. The name on the paddle wheel boat is "Rhode Island." Ferries across Narragansett Bay were eliminated in 1969 when the Newport Bridge was completed. Right: "N. Y. Yacht Club Station [center on Sayers Wharf] and Jamestown Ferryboat." Mailed in 1910. The Trinity Church is the spire at the left.

Newport Harbor in the early 1900sTwo versions of a Newport postcard printed for many years, but it was originally taken very early in the 1900s, if not earlier. The sender of the double size card at the left marked the masonic temple, high school, and old Trinity church. The note says, "On the pier marked with a cross we used to watch all the water parades, fire works, etc. as a child. It belongs to a dear friend of my mother's. He was harbor master for years." The NY Yacht Club is at the far right. For an enlargement of the shoreline click here

Left: New York Yacht Club from an 1897 view book.

Right: New York Yacht Club from a different 1897 view book.

Another view book image of the same vintage, but from shore, is here.

Newport Harbor and WharvesLeft: Newport, harbor and Training Station - mailed in 1912. Right: "Newport Harbor" this is really a very good view of the wharves. About 1910. At the far left in back is the sidewheeler.

Left: "Along the waterfront looking south from Long Wharf."

Right: An old photo taken from the ferry as it leaves Newport.

Left: The businesses at 215 Thames street from a view book about 1903. The store at the left has signs state, "Removal Sale." The title says it was bought by the U. S. Government and was about to be removed. Government Landing was built on the site.
Right: "U. S. Naval Landing, Newport".

East From Government Landing. The sign on the taller middle building is for Titus Furniture store.
Right: View from Government Landing looking towards Thames Street (not a postcard).

The ferry Conanicut leaving Government Landing. Fort Adams is in the distance on the left and Goat Island on the right. This is from an early view book.
Right: Government Landing

Left: Harbor view showing Fort Adams.

Right: One exterior wall of Fort Adams.

Both images are of the interior of Fort Adams.

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