Newport, Rhode Island 1910 Directory - Page 4

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Page 112: Carr to Carreiro Page 113: Carrellas to Carter Page 114: Carter to Casimano
Page 115: Casimier to Cesario Page 116: Chace to Charity Page 117: Charlie to Chater
Page 118: Chausse to Ciller Page 119: Cinotti to Clarke Page 120: Clarke to Clay
Page 121: Cleary to Coffey Page 122: Coffe to Coggeshall Page 123: Coggeshall to Collins
Page 124: Collins to Conheeny Page 125: Conheeny to Connor Page 126: Connors to Cook
Page 127: Cooke to Copeland Page 128: Coppinger to Cosgrove Page 129: Costa to Cottrell
Page 130: Cottrell to Craig Page 131: Crampton to Crosby Page 132: Crosby to Cudworth
Page 133: Cuff to Curran Page 134: Curran to Dadley Page 135: Daffin to Daverin
Page 136: David to Dawley Page 137: Dawley to Degen Page 138: Delaney to Deomartares
Page 139: Deomataris to Dickson Page 140: Diehl to Dominick Page 141: Donahue to Donovan
Page 142: Donovan to Doublas Page 143: Douglass to Doyle Page 144: Doyle to Driscoll
Page 145: Driscoll to Dugan Page 143: Duggant to Dutton Page 147: Dwyer to Dynan
Page 148: Eagan to Ebbitt Page 149: Ebbitt to Edney Page 150: Edson to Eissler

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