Newport, Rhode Island 1910 Directory Index

I do not have the map that was originally in the book. Dates of death seem to start in the middle of 1909's and continue through to at least April 1910. I also saw a listing with the person's age - over 100. Widows are stated as such with the name of the deceased husband. If people who were listed last year have moved, the location (city and state or country) is given.

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Page 1: Directory page 1 to 40. Index of contents; Index of advertisements; Index of advertisers; Street directory and guide to summer residence; Ward boundaries; Wharves; City government;schools, churches, banks, etc. Page 2: Pages 41 to 72. Masonic and other fraternal lodges; veteran organizations; clubs; charities; hospitals; libraries; newspapers, railroads; steamships and ferries; courts; RI state government; Navy; RI population Page 3: General Directory. Pages 73 to 111. Aaron to A. Carr
Page 4: General Directory. Pages 112 to 150. Benjamin Carr to Eissler Page 5: General Directory. Pages 151 to 193. Ekstrom to Howland Page 6: General Directory. Pages 194 to 235. Howlet to Mallett
Page 7: General Directory. Pages 236 to 277. Malley to Prasso Page 8: General Directory. Pages 278 to 314. Preble to Storer Page 9: General Directory. Pages 315 to 354. Stowe to Zschammer (end of directory) plus two colored ad pages.
Page 10: Business Directory. Pages 355 to 393. Accountants to Gasoline Automobiles Page 11: Business Directory. Pages 394 to 429. Geodetic to Sewing Machine Dealers Page 12: Business Directory. Pages 430 to 444. Sheet Iron Workers to Yeast (end of business directory).
Paged 13: Pages 445 to 463-499. Villa locations and Summer Residents. Also colored ad pages. Page 14: Front cover and front colored ad pages. Advertising Pages 500 to 532. Page 15: Advertising Pages 533 to 555. Back cover.
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Resident and Business Directory of Tiverton, Little Compton, Portsmouth, Middletown, Rhode Island (1910)
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