Newport, Rhode Island 1910 Directory - Page 7

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Page 236: Malley to Manuel Page 237: Manuel to Marsh Page 238: Marsh to Martin
Page 239: Martin to Martland Page 240: Martland to Mataronas Page 241: Mathers to Maycabe
Page 242: Maycock to Melvin Page 243: Menzies to Miller Miller to Minkler
Page 245: Minkler to Molloy Page 246: Monahan to Moore Page 247: Moran to Morley
Page 248: Morely to Mould Page 249: Mountford to Munro Page 250: Murberg to Murphy
Page 251: Murphy Page 252: Murphy to Murray Page 253: Murray to Narragqansett
Page 254: Nash to Nelson Page 255: Nelson to Newell Page 256: Newman to Newport
Page 257: Newport to Nichelsen Page 258: Nichols to Nolan Page 256: Nolan to Norman
Page 260: Norman to Nystrom Page 261: Oak to O'brien Page 262: O'Brien to O'Connor
Page 263: O'Connor to Olsson Page 264: Oman to O'Neill Page 265: O'Neill to O'Sullivan
Page 266: Ottilige to Palazzo Page 267: Paldi to Parmenter Page 268: Parrish to Paul
Page 269: Pavelenes to Peck Page 270: Peckham Page 271: Peckham to Peer
Page 272: Peirson to Perry Page 273: Perry to Petterson Page 274: Petterson to Pike
Page 275: Pike to Plummer Page 276: Pnavmatikos to Potter Page 277: Potter to Prasso

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