Newport, Rhode Island 1910 Directory - Page 6

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Page 194: Howley to Hull Page 195: Hull to Huse Page 196: Hussey to Irving
197: Irwin to Jackson Page 198: Jacobs to Jeffery Page 199: Jemaiel to Johnson
Page 200: Johnson Page 201: Johnson Page 202: Johnson to Jones
Page 203: Jones to Kahler Page 204: Kaighn to Kaull Page 205: Kaull to Keefe
Page 206: Koegan to Kelley Page 207: Kelley to Kenney Page 208: Kenny to Kesson
Page 209: Kesson to King Page 210: King to Kirby Page 211: Kirby to Kluge
Page 212: Klukas to Kosch Page 213: Koschny to Lahiff Page 214: Lahound to Lang
Page 215: Lange to Larson Page 216: Larson to Lawson Page 217: Lawson to Lawton
Page 218: Lawton to Leary Page 219: Leary to Lederer Page 220: Lee to Leitch
Page 221: Leith to Lewis Page 222: Lewis to Linehan Page 223: Linchan to Lombard
Page 224: London to Lucas Page 225: Luce to Lynch Page 226: Lynch to McCarthy
Page 227: McCarthy to McCool Page 228: McCormick to McDonald Page 229: McDonnell to McGowan
Page 230: McGowan to Mackenzie Page 231: Mackenzie to McLeish Page 232: McLeish to McMahon
Page 233: McMahon to Macomber Page 234: McPhee to Maber Page 235: Maher to Mallett

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