Newport, Rhode Island, City Directories

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Directories are not telephone books. The early ones were published before telephones. Directories list people, along with occupations, place of work, dates of death, etc. If a woman is a widow the listing will say so. Children living at home, but working, will be listed with their occupation and place of work. However, not every listing has the detail, but occupations are typical.
1882 Street Number Changes

In 1882 Newport, many streets were renumbered (especially long ones, like Broadway, Thames and Spring) and those buildings previously known only by location (a corner lot or the rear of a building) were assigned numbers. Below are links to the street directories from the 1881 (with old numbering) followed by the list from 1884 with the new numbers.

Go to Street Directory, page 5. The list ends on page 9.

Go to Street Directory, page 21. The list ends on page 30.

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